Black Twitter – An Interactive Docufiction

My film, titled “Black Twitter”, is an interactive docufiction that follows a usual day at home for a teenager and discusses the in’s and out’s of Black Twitter. It was produced using Adobe Premiere, Adobe Illustrator, and Eko Studio. The docufiction is led by a fictional character that spends her day at home studying and on Twitter. It is intended for an audience interested in learning what exactly is Black Twitter.

Jasmine Mensah
Tehya Jackson

The process


The docufiction Black Twitter was inspired by the the social movements, trends, and hashtags created through Black Twitter that have change the scopes of media for African Americans.


Pre-production for the film consisted of scheduling and organizing the production phase for the film which are described as sprints. This short film was created using Adobe Premiere, Adobe Illustrator, and Eko Studios.


The film was created during the COVID-19 epidemic. A few challenges during production were conducting interviews while practicing social distancing. This challenge was overcame but conducting online distance interviews.


Black Twitter- An Interactive docufiction would to give thanks to Elon University.